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Butane Gas Powered Engine - Single Cylinder 1S with Piezo Ignition and Large Flywheel

Butane Gas Powered Engine - Single Cylinder 1S with Piezo Ignition and Large Flywheel

Ref: MR-MM-3

The Maier gas motor CLASSIC 1S, with large flywheel, uses a patented Piezo- ignition system. Because of it's large flywheel the engine can easily be operated at a very slow RPM. Through the use of Propane or butane (lighter gas) as a fuel, is releases non toxic fumes and is therefore an ideal indoor motor. The open construction of the motor allows one insight on the mechanical workings. A comfortable pleasant sound is established through two long exhaust pipes. It consists for the most part of ground, anodised aluminium and nickel plated brass parts which give the engine a high quality, detailed appearance. The engine runs on a 70% Butane 30% Propane mixture that can easily be purchased at a camping outdoors shop. This mixture allows the engine to run in the house with a window open. The spark plug is actuated by a piezo igniter.

Technical data:
Model: Standing Gas Engine MM-3
Rotation Speed Control: Via Valve on the Gas Tank
Crank Shaft: 3-fold ball bearing mounted
Cylinder Capacity: 1.5 cm³
Rotation Speed: 200 - 1,500 rpm
Running Time: 40 min/tankful (idling mixture)
Flywheel Diameter: 123 mm
Ignition: Piezo High Voltage Ignition
Lubrication: Felt Lubrication in the Cylinder
Height × Width × Length: 250 mm × 150 mm × 180 mm
Weight: 2,200 g

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Click on This Text for Instruction PDF file for the 1S

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