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Martin Twin Marine Steam Engine Plant with Water Pump

Martin Twin Marine Steam Engine Plant with Water Pump

Ref: Martin-Twin-Plant

Martin Twin Marine Steam Plant with Boiler

Complete steam unit comprising twin cylinder engine, horizontal boiler complete, rechargeable gas tank, oil separator, gas attenuator (fitted), by pass/check valve (fitted), feed water pump (fitted), boiler feed water heater (pre-installed), all piping up and feed water reservoir.

The Martin Baylis Engineering Horizontal Boiler has been designed to give a good mix of functionality and aesthetic appeal. As standard the boiler features water sight gauge, pressure gauge, ceramic burner, steam valve, funnel and stand. Optional features can be specified such as gas attenuator, feed water heater, blow down valve and combined by-pass valve / check valve. Supplied with the boiler are a rechargeable gas tank and oil separator.

Ceramic fibre lagging is provided encased in an black stove enamelled wrapper secured with brass boiler bands.

The stand is manufactured from black anodised aluminium and stainless steel to give a durable and lightweight construction.

This boiler is suitable for either the Martin Baylis Engineering Triple or Twin.

Martin Twin Plant Steam Engine 360

Click on this link for a 3 dimensional picture of the Martin Twin Marine Plant with Water Pump.

Total Price$3,895.95

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