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Anton Crystal Marine Steam Engine

Anton Crystal Marine Steam Engine

Ref: Anton-Crystal

Anton Crystal slide valve marine engine made in france. Optional waterpump and oiler included.

- Overall length: 90 mm
- Width: 35 mm
- Overall Height: 95 mm
- Weight: 530 grams
- Shaft: 4mm
- Height of shaft: 11 mm
- Distribution: drawers map
- Inversion: slide Stephenson
- Cylinder capacity: Available in 3.1cc and 4.5cc (4.55cc is special order)
- Operating pressure: 1.5 to 3 bar

The new CRYSTAL range, available in two displacements 3.1cc and 4.5cc

The Stephenson reversing link requires generally two eccentric links. The difficulty with this system resides in the precise timing of the two eccentrics in relation to each other, and of course both relative to the piston position as well. We bypassed this problem by designing a double eccentric piece.

This concept has two advantages:
- The timing of the two eccentrics in relation to each other is no longer a problem since they are machined from the same mass and that calibration is performed by the machining of the work piece.

An additional change is the traditional "tulip" or "legs", which often made it difficult to access gland piston rods, were replaced by cylindrical slides. This system has the advantage of easy access and possible adjustment of the gland; it also allows the slides to have a supply of oil for lubrication.

To improve the alignment and stiffness of the crankshaft (for this engine, it is in sections), the base engine was designed with 5-piece bearings. This concept allows a highly accurate alignment of holes for the passage of the elements of the crankshaft.

The crankshaft mounting is thus done in the base; therefore it becomes a "reference line" for alignment of the entire assembly.

The two additional levels limit the overhang of the tree, especially the flywheel side.

Anton Crystal Steam Engine 360

Click on this link for a 3 dimensional picture.

Total Price$1,749.95

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