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Krick Alexandra Steam Boat Kit

Krick Alexandra Steam Boat Kit

Ref: KR20281

Krick Alexandra Steam Boat Kit

With the Alexandra we have managed to create a typical steam launch from the beginning of this century (circa 1900). The slim hull shape reminds us of this time period, which brought us so many elegant boats. The kit is of outstanding quality. All plywood parts have been laser-cut. The hull is from ABS 1.5mm strong. Propeller and shaft are included with the kit.

Technical Data Length: 37" (940mm) Height including chimney: 11" (280mm) Beam: 7 1/2" (190mm) Scale: 1:10

Krick Alexandra accessory set not included.

Steam Plant NOT INCLUDED in the kit. .

Click on picture for large view of kit.

Total Price$299.95

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