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Run N Roll

Run N Roll

Ref: Eitech-RNR

Learn about speed, gravity, and movement with Eitech's Marble Run Construction Set. Children and adults alike will love to play with Eitech's durable and fun marble run, made with high quality steel. The bright, blue plastic track reaches nearly 16 feet of railway. You'll love watching as the ball moves down the railway. Build 2 marble run models with over 1,100 steel parts that stand over 2 feet tall. 2x AA batteries are required for the engine. This high-quality steel set is the next step in building, perfect for those who've already mastered Eitech's basic sets. Learn different mechanical functions by building each model. Step by step illustrated instructions are included for easy to follow directions.

Total Price$99.95

Retail Price: $228.75

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