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SteamCo Donkey Engine

SteamCo Donkey Engine

Ref: STCO.01

An Australian made working model steam engine (Donkey Engine). Spend hours marveling at this little engine running on steam.

This engine is hand crafted in solid brass and copper and comes uniquely packaged.

The design of the engine makes it perfect for either educational purposes or for the steam enthusiast.

(Model stco.01) Engine Single Acting Oscillating type
Brass Boiler Silver Soldered
Cylinder Bore 8 mm
Cylinder Stroke 19 mm
Flywheel Diameter 60 mm
Fuel Dry Spirit Tablets
Height 165 mm
Length 195 mm
Width 150 mm

Click on picture for large view.

Don't forget the Esbit Fuel and the Steam Oil! See Bottom of Page.

Total Price$299.95

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