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Tinplate Toys from Schuco Bing & Other CompaniesFranzke

Tinplate Toys from Schuco Bing & Other Companies Franzke

Ref: B76431-098-4

Tinplate Toys - From Schuco, Bing, and other Companies
Jurgen Franzke, Editor

The very popular, high quality tinplate toys of the mid-20th century from Nuremberg, Germany, are discussed in a historical setting in this cheerful book. The chapters include 300 color photographs, information about the manufacturers (especially Schuco and Bing) and their markings, and essays on the past, present and future of this special toy industry. The mechanical figures, automobiles, trucks, trains, machines and associated buildings that are presented will remind many of the best toys of their youth. And they are avidly collected today. Many of the toys shown are in superb private collections and at the Toy Museum of Nuremberg.
Paperback Cover

Total Price$26.20

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